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Beegit is the online writing platform that removes barriers across your organization to create, edit and approve web content.

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Powerful content workflow and approvals

Pushing content from concept through approval has never been easier.

File statuses and notifications
Make it easy to hand off content between team members by assigning statuses to content files and using the built-in notification system.

Automated file versioning
File versions are saved automatically when statuses are changed (e.g. from Draft to Pending Approval), allowing for change tracking and insights without managing a change tracking process, or by digging through large sets of unrelated revisions.

Inline comments
Simplify your feedback cycle by having colleagues and stakeholders comment and reply directly against your content, in context.

Shareable projects in a beautiful preview website

Each content project comes with its own Portal (a user-friendly preview website), so your stakeholders are always in the loop.

Works anywhere
Share access to your project Portals with anyone who has the link – no account required – and it works on any device.

Fast approvals
Approve content directly from your Portals. It's the perfect way for stakeholders to quickly review and approve content.

Fully searchable
Each Portal has its own search box. It’s like having a Google web search for each of your content projects.

Deep search across all of your content

Incredibly fast and powerful, Beegit's search features make sure your content is easy to find.

Search everywhere
Search across all of your content from a single search box so you can quickly locate examples of a specific topic being written about in your organization.

Search results are updated every time a file is edited, so they’re available organization-wide at lightning speeds.

Unlimited files
Push it to the limit! Searches include everything you put into Beegit dating back to the beginning of time, so you don’t have to worry about finding archaic content.

Scalable content hub for all of your assets

Take control of your content assets by keeping everything in one spot and exporting to the format you need at publish time.

Image CDN
Upload images directly to the Beegit editor and they're instantly loaded on a worldwide content delivery network that you can use across the web.

Unlimited projects
Organize content into projects with built-in user access controls, customizable templates and sharing features.

Batch file conversions
Download entire projects or folders as zip files containing all of the content, automatically converted to the format you choose.

Streamlined templates to increase productivity

Save time and increase productivity by templatizing the content you’re always creating (and re-creating).

Team-wide availability
Templates are available across the entire team, so anyone can use them to kick-start a new file.

Powerful customizations
Support for the Liquid template language lets you create powerful, dynamic templates to crank up the efficiency even further.

Super flexible
Templates can be used for anything – including article slugs, boilerplate content or YAML markup for blog posts.

Seamless team-based writing and editing tools

A world-class online editor makes it easy to write collaborative web content — fast.

Version history and restorations
Streamline your collaborative editing by comparing changes across file versions. View just what changed or what the entire file looked like at that time, with the ability to restore previous versions in a single click.

Native Markdown support
Built from the ground up for Markdown, take advantage of writing with this elegant, highly portable syntax designed for the web. Easily convert and export files to HTML, Word and InDesign formats.

Productive utilities
Useful shortcuts built into the editor help save your team time. Word count with estimated reading time and content preview with split screen mode helps your team produce high quality content quickly.

Accessible support to get you up and running

Your content is important, so make sure it’s protected – no IT required.

First-class support
Our support team is always on-call to help you out in a jam or troubleshoot any issues you might have.

Automatic backups
Everything you put into Beegit is backed up regularly, so you don’t have to worry about IT doing that for you.

Emergency restorations
If disaster strikes, our support team is always available to rescue your content for you from a past backup.

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